Thinking about getting a kitten?

Do I already have other pets at home?

1Kittens are inquisitive and sociable. But cats have independent spirits, so the older they get, the more they’ll want their own space – especially quiet, cozy corners where they feel safe. When you’re introducing your new kitten to your other pets, take your time, and make sure that each has their own feeding, sleeping and toilet areas. If you have an older cat, for example, expect a settling-in period while the long-time resident gets used to the new kid on the block.

If your pets don’t seem to be making friends, don’t worry. Cats don’t always form close social bonds with other pets, or with cats from outside their litter.

Do I work long hours or travel a lot?

Kittens can get distressed if they’re left home alone for long periods. What’s more, their tiny tummies mean they need small, regular meals every few hours, throughout the day.

If your lifestyle means you can’t avoid leaving your kitten alone, consider adopting an older cat who’s more independent. You might even adopt a pair from the same litter – that way, each cat will enjoy the other’s company.

If you’re regularly away from home, make sure there’s someone to care for your kitten in your absence. Perhaps you have a cat-friendly neighbour who’ll feed and play with your kitten several times each day (most cats prefer the familiar surroundings of their own home). Another option is to hire a professional cat-sitter.

Am I planning to move to a new home?

Young or old, all cats like familiar surroundings. So moving to a new home can be very unsettling for a kitten. It may take her a while to adjust to her new home, especially if the environment is very different to what she’s been used to.

If you’re planning to move house in the near future, it might be worth waiting to adopt your kitten until you’re settled into your new home. If this isn’t an option, don’t worry. Just give your kitten a safe place to call her own in the new surroundings, and provide plenty of reassurance throughout the move to keep her calm and happy.

Financial commitment?

On average, caring for a healthy kitten costs approximately $835 CAD each year that covers food, insurance and basic veterinary care.

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