WHISKAS® has been lovingly making food for cats since 1958, that’s over 60 years of experience that we use to make our feline friends purr more. Not only are we committed to developing delicious products, we’re devoted to helping all cats live healthier and happier lives.

At WHISKAS® we know and understand how much people love their cats – we feel the same. We love them for who they really are – they are independent spirits but still need nurturing, love and care.

We believe the best way to help owners provide that care is through understanding their cat and providing them with tasty food to satisfy them, bringing out that glorious purr of approval, strengthening the bond between owner and cat.

As the makers of WHISKAS®, we pride ourselves on producing recipes that reassure cat owners they are filling their cats’ bellies with a healthy and tasty diet. We work with the Waltham Petcare Science Institute for Pet Nutrition to develop products that constantly improve nutrition, taste and care.

We ensure that all of our meals are filled with the natural goodness your cat deserves while always 100% nutritionally complete and balanced. It’s part of our mission to create a world where all cats purr more.

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