Games to help your cat play: 

Interacting with your cat through play is great for many reasons. When your cat gets exercise, you both enjoy interacting with each other and you strengthen the bond between owner and pet. Cats are independent creatures and will only join in to play on their terms and their timeline!  They will initiate play when they feel like it, often by batting a pen you are holding or rubbing around your legs!

Ideas for the best cat toys and activities for your cat:

• Tossing a ping pong ball
• Throwing dry leaves to chase and catch
• Chasing rolled up balls of newspaper
• Pointing laser toys around a room … cats can become frustrated with these because they never ‘catch’ the light, so use them in short bursts
• Puzzle feeding toys – rewarding with cat food or treats as they bat them around a room
• Interactive toys on strings (supervised play only)

A word of warning. Cats are often seen playing with balls of wool or string. While there is no doubt that cats love chasing pieces of string and wool, it can also be highly dangerous.  String, wool, or cat toys dangling from string are for supervised play only and must be kept out of your cats reach when you are not playing together.  Cats like to roll around and kick string with their paws, but if they become tangled up in string or wool it can pose a strangulation risk so please, never leave your cat alone with toys like this.

Why do cats need to play?

For a cat, playing isn’t just for fun, it’s also a chance for them to fulfil their natural instincts as well as learn and hone survival skills such as stalking, chasing, catching.  It’s also great physical exercise, mentally stimulating and it allows them to practice their motor skills.  Interactive play with their owner is also great for bonding and fun!

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