Throughout her life, your cat will spend a lot of her day following her natural instinct to groom. Not only does grooming help your cat look after her coat, but it also reinforces social bonds, and controls parasites.

As your cat gets older, however, she may find it harder to keep her coat as glossy and healthy as it used to be. If she neglects her grooming, your cat's skin might become flaky, and her coat might develop grey or white hairs.

Helping her groom

You’ve probably always helped your cat to groom herself, and enjoyed all the wonderful bonding moments that has brought. So make sure you continue a regular grooming routine, which will help keep her fur shiny and healthy, and her skin soft. Remember that, as your cat gets older, you may need to handle her more delicately than when she was a happy-go-lucky youngster!

Terrible tangles

If your cat's coat gets very tangled and matted, it may be difficult for you to sort it out – and neither you nor your cat are likely to enjoy the untangling experience! If she really is in knots, take her to the vet to be clipped.

The right diet

Diet plays a big part in the condition of your cat’s coat. As your cat gets older, she may not be able to absorb all the nutrients she needs to keep her coat in tip-top condition. That's why it's important you make sure your cat is eating the right food for her age.

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