Including the following foods into a kitten’s diet is crucial for healthy development.


Protein is essential for your kitten's healthy growth, muscle tone, fur, skin and claws. Proteins are built from smaller units called amino acids. Some of these – such as taurine and arginine – are called essential amino acids, which means your kitten can’t produce them herself. So you’ll need to provide them in her diet.

Essential fatty acids

Your kitten needs essential fatty acids to help keep her skin, coat, reproductive system and metabolism healthy. They’re an important source of energy – and they also make her meals taste great!


Vitamins are essential for your kitten's vision, bone growth and metabolism. There are lot of different vitamins, and each one has a very specific role. So if your kitten cuts her paw, one vitamin will help stop the bleeding while another will help repair the skin.


Minerals give your kitten strong teeth and bones. The major minerals she needs include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride and magnesium. You’ll find all these, in exactly the right amounts, in a complete kitten food.

Carbohydrates and fibre

Your kitten uses carbohydrates as an energy source. In addition, dietary fibre will help her digestive system.

Given these complex needs, it's important to feed your kitten a specially prepared diet. WHISKAS® Kitten with Chicken will give your little feline friend a complete and balanced diet with all the proteins and nutrients she needs to help grow up into a healthy, happy cat.

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