After you’ve brought your kitten home, try to keep the house as quiet as possible. Don't be surprised if she seems a bit timid at first – she'll soon be overcome by her own curiosity! Just be patient, and wait for your kitten to come to you, rather than the other way around.

Picking up your kitten

Early on, get your new little kitten used to being picked up. To begin with, gain her confidence by gently scooping her up, while supporting her back legs. Next, use one arm to support her weight – that way you can gently stroke her with your free hand. Your kitten’s independent spirit means that she likes to be in control of her own movements, so as soon as she wants to get down, let her go gently.

Introducing your kitten to other cats

If you already have a cat in your home, it’s important to handle introductions carefully. But don’t worry – there’s a simple trick you can use to make that first meeting with your new kitten go smoothly. Gently rub your new kitten with an old piece of your clothing – something that holds your smell. The familiar scent means your new kitten will be accepted more easily.

You should also make sure both cat and kitten keep their independence by giving them separate food bowls, beds and litter boxes.

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